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The Huldra - known also as Skogsfru, Skogsrå, Ulda or Tallemaja, or simply as The Lady of the Forest - is a spirit of nature. She is tall and stunningly beautiful, though hidden under her long blonde hair and flowing dress is a fox's tail and a back hollow as an old tree trunk.

The woods are her domain, and like the woods she is neither evil nor good. The stories tell of her both damning and helping those she encounters, from helping those lost and blessing hunters with good fortune, to kidnapping and killing and robbing men of their sanity. What she does is for her own benefit and amusement, and she is quite mischievous. And, being polite and showing respect will get one very far. Best not comment if you see her tail peeking out beneath the hem of her skirt, other than to politely inform her that her petticoats are showing.

She is skilled in nature magic and illusions, and is very strong. Unlike the Fae, iron isn't harmful to her. Stories tell of her straightening out horseshoes with her bare hands as a show of strength, sometime red-hot and straight from the forge.

She is free-spirited and curious, and knows next to nothing about the modern society of mankind. How this particular Huldra ended up in the huge city of New York? Who knows?

Eija the lost huldra is a roleplaying character based on Scandinavian folklore. More info about the huldre-folk can be found at the wiki:
Both muse and mun are well over 18 years of age.
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